Brief description

Brief Description

The aeronautical activity in Evora is known from the middle of the last century.

The construction of the "Airfield", an area of about 40 hectares, donated by Eugénio de Almeida on july 28th 1969, has given a boost to the development of these activities.

The Aerodrome of Évora, located 3,5 km from the city, is nowadays one of the most important infra-structures for the development of both city and region. ​It is equipped with an asphalted main runaway (01/19) of 1300x23m with an PCN 9/F/C/W/U and a secondary unpaved runaway (08/26) with 640x30m, which are likely to be used by companies located in the Aeronautics Industrial Park of Évora. 
The Municipal Aerodrome of Évora (LEPV) is duly certified in Class II by ANAC (National Authority for Civil Aviation) and has an AZT. Its procedures and rules are published in the VFR Manual and the AIP Portugal.

Considered one of the best aerodromes of Portugal, it is currently equipped with a NDB signal supply system, night lighting system on the main runway and taxiways and PAPIS system, allowing the realization of night flights.

It also has a certified Rescue Service and a Fire​ Combat Class III  for ​aircrafts of class II and for those of the Civil Protection. For the remaining aircrafts, it has available a permanent brigade service as well as AFIS (flight Information service of the aerodrome).

It has the capacity to accommodate companies and organizations of various activities related to aeronautics, like a school of pilots, aircraft maintenance workshop, leisure and sports activities, among others.

Apart from the interest in the sporting activities - especially the flights without motor and skydiving​ - the aerodrome is naturally an excelent space for hosting aeronautics air​shows such as the Portugal Air Show - the biggest initiative of its kind held in the Iberian Peninsula.